Ma Pragnya Anand, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Sunshine Yoga Founder

The infinite wisdom found through yoga lies in the heart of every living being. This is what Pragnya realized when she started to practice yoga. After following her heart to India and teaching yoga for many years, Kim Mosby was given her Yogi name, Ma Pragnya Anand, Goddess of Blissful True Wisdom, a blessing to guide her further down the path to higher consciousness.


In 2013 a divine calling led Pragnya to Rishikesh in northern India where she earned her 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Certification at Ajarya Yoga Academy under the supervision of classically trained Nagesh Hiregoudar and Prajith Mambally. When she returned from India, a series of divine events led her to open a place for people to gather, learn, and explore in a comfortable, welcoming environment, and thus Sunshine Yoga was born.


In 2016 Pragnya returned to India to complete her 300-hour Hatha Yoga Advanced Y.T.T. certificate at AyurYoga-Eco Ashram in Mysore, with her teachers Vinod Kumar Rajan and Gangasanjay. It was here that she experienced a conscious shift into spiritual awakening.


Since 2015, Pragnya has joyfully led and co-facilitated numerous YTT programs and offers regular continuing education workshops in her community. Pragnya supports her yoga community by supporting  children's charities (both local & India), local organizations, local fundraising events, animal welfare, environmental organizations, teaching at local schools and offering ways for people to access yoga on and off the mat.


Ma Pragnya Anand is dedicated to her children, the health of the environment, and sharing her passion for the science of yoga & wellness. She loves to travel and learn about other cultures, and she sees every moment as an opportunity for self-transformation.


Pragnya offers classes, private sessions, and training courses as a way to guide students toward self-healing. She blends her classical training with her joyful spontaneity to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all and feels it is her responsibility to share the TRUE meaning of yoga from her own life experience. Pragnya strives to hold space for students to experience transformation while offering support, inspiration, and optimism. Above all, Pragnya is committed to living yoga on every level and remaining a humbled student of life.

Felcia McQuaid

RYT 500, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Healing Teacher & Healer


Felicia is the owner of The Healing Clinic of Fort Walton Beach. She has been of service to those along the Emerald Coast since 2001. Felicia shares of love of life, knowledge and connection through Yoga, Reiki and ThetaHealing.


Her passion for Yoga shines through her words, her actions and her teachings. Join her each week to becoming EN-LIGHTENED & EN-LIVENED. Her practice is challenging, fun and accessible to all. Her laughter and joy are infectious. Join Felicia each week for Hot Yoga Flow, Wednesday mornings 9:30am.

Heather Blanchard, RYT 200

After living and practicing yoga in Costa Rica for 18 years Heather came back to the states only to leave again for Mexico where she obtained her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.  Her experience was so blissful and transformational she couldn't wait to share it with the world.


Luckily she decided to move her beautiful family to Destin, FL and start teaching at Sunshine Yoga.  Heather leads a contented life of family, friends, good food and yoga.  Her teaching style is peaceful but strong.  

Lauran Hobbs, RYT 200

Lauran started practicing Yoga accidentally in 2013, because in the beginning she ‘hated Yoga & stretching’ and was 100% certain yoga wasn’t ‘her thing.’  After a life changing Savansana in her first class, and proof that she was, in fact, able to sit totally still & not talk for a few minutes, she was divinely led to find out more.   With piqued interest, and a very convenient yoga studio, she started attending classes Sunshine Yoga and was hooked! Lauran completed her 200hr Hatha Yoga training at Sunshine Yoga in 2018.


Lauran is passionate about teaching accessible, unintimidating Yoga for everyone.  Her mission is to help skeptics, beginners, and anyone who may think Yoga is not ‘their thing’ give it a chance & open the door for the life changing experience of a Yoga practice.  Her style is lighthearted & patient, incorporating asana, pranayama, and self-awareness & development.  

Molly Stockings, RYT 200

Molly loves to open student’s hearts so that they can let the light in and live a more expansive, peaceful, joyous life that is connected to love. 

Molly, now 17 years old (going on 30), first practiced yoga at a dance class when she was ten years old in Northern Wisconsin, and started practicing on her own since her town didn’t have any studios nearby. She chose to practice to help get stronger and more flexible for dance, but soon realized that as her body became stronger and more open, her mind followed. Asanas made her feel good, so she kept coming back to them.

After moving to Florida in 2016, she started taking public classes and learned about the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga. The more she learned about yoga and its many layers, the more intrigued and curious she became.

In May 2018, she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. She absolutely fell in love, and knew that this would be a lifetime of love, study, and devotion.
She considers herself a student first and a teacher second. Always open to learn and grow.

Molly reminds her students to connect and make peace with themselves, so that they can connect and make peace with the people and the world around them.
Practice and all is coming!

Mukta Muge, RYT 500

In 2009, Mukta started yoga to relieve health problems brought on by years in the corporate life. After 3 years of continuous yoga practice, she decided to quit her corporate career and continue her journey as a yoga instructor. She received her first certificate from Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program in 2012, in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a result of studying many different styles of yoga; she realised that yoga therapy can help people heal their physical and/or emotional problems effectively and efficiently. Wanting to expand her depth of knowledge, she traveled to India spending several months at the Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research with Dr. Omanandji. There, she completed a 500 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training program.

Over time, working in conjunction with doctors and medical professionals, she started to teach yoga therapy classes in hospitals. Interacting with midwives, doulas and gynecologists; she realised that there is a need for specialised yoga teachers for pregnant women. Pregnancy yoga became her passion and speciality.

After traveling around the World for 2 years, Mukta began teaching in the Destin area, bringing European & Middle Eastern knowledge to her new community and sharing her humble experience.

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